Alphabet Inc. Is Building A City Out Of Data

Sidewalk Toronto will be the first real-world attempt by Google's parent company to optimize city life Waterfront Toronto, a district established in the city in 2001, will be the site of the first Sidewalk Labs city. Sidewalk Labs is the urban planning arm of Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. This means the streets of Waterfront Toronto will soon be filled with sensors and the city will continuously evolve into different forms moulded primarily by data streams. The project, also called Sid

Why Coca-Cola Sponsored A Digital-Only Soccer Player

This new deal may open new opportunities for advertisers The latest Coca-Cola endorser is Alex Hunter, a soccer player that has a loaded backstory and a dream-come-true career in the big leagues. However, unlike fellow players who lands the coveted sponsorship, Alex isn’t an actual person. Alex Hunter exists in a special mode in the game called “The Journey”, which first appeared in FIFA 17. Players will take on the role of the young athlete who goes on to play for the premier league. After be